Acrygel, qu’est ce que c’est ? Et pourquoi l’utiliser ?

Acrygel, what is it? And why use it?

Acrygel, also called Polygel or under other names depending on the different brands on the market.

But what is Acrygel?

This is what we call a hybrid gel or more simply a mixture between the gel and the acrylic powder (Resin).

It is this mixture which makes this material thicker.

This hybrid material combines all the advantages of 2 materials.

Being thicker, acrygel absolutely does not flow and really gives you time to work with it peacefully.

It does not work like gel, it is a material that works gently, almost with caresses.

Flexible and very robust at the same time, it pinches very well.

Ideal for rebuilding bitten nails for example or just for repairing a broken natural nail, it is multifunctional.

You can really do anything with it, extensions, sheathing, filling etc.

Acrygel will really make your life easier, especially when making French Reverse or if you are still a beginner.

It's a real time saver when you know how to use it,

It's essential to have in your drawers.

If you haven't tried it yet, don't hesitate any longer 😜

Speaking of acrygel, here is the link to the acrygel online training if you would like to register

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