Capsules américaines ….en quoi sont elles faites?

American capsules….what are they made of?

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I often see posts on Facebook or Instagram, with this famous question that comes up often…..

What are American capsules made of?


A big debate observed on the networks with those who think that they are made of gel and others who believe that they are made of plastic.

I ask you these 2 questions,

Would they soak off if they had been gel?

Would they be as strong and flexible if they had been made of plastic?


In fact ……

For American capsule installation, we use very specific capsules. First of all, they are soak off, that is to say they melt when removed when acetone or a melting solution is used. They are more soft, flexible and thin than classic capsules.

**American capsules are made of ABS (thermoplastic polymer) and covered with PMMA (polymerization of methacrylate, the same product used to manufacture GEL)**

They are therefore not completely made of gel per se, but not completely made of plastic either 📣

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There you go, you finally know the end of this story 😌

Now when you see this kind of post on the networks or when someone asks you the question, you will be able to say “Hey!!!! I KNOW ☝️ »

Come on…. In any case, I hope that this little information will bring you a little extra👌

I will try to post little tips or information from time to time.

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