Formation en ligne, trop cher?

Online training, too expensive?

Hello girls 😀

This new article today deals with a recurring subject regarding online training and even training in general for that matter.

Very often in relation to the displayed price,

“I want to train and make it my career but it’s too expensive, I can’t afford to do it. »

I myself am aware of the difficulties encountered today in training, particularly on a budgetary level.

Very often it is a question of budget but also the fact of being able to travel or not (young children without childcare, schedule unfortunately cannot allow you to travel)

The real question is….. how far would you go to train yourself and at what cost?

When we want we can

Some complain, for example, about the often very high prices for face-to-face training, between 300 and 1200 euros for certain training courses.

Yes it’s a budget!!! But what is the price of your work or your development? What quality of work do you want to offer to your clients or future clients?

I recently launched a Beginner Base module, I even launched 2 😜

Not to mention the Nail art and improvement modules.

Precisely to allow those who have a small budget and cannot travel to also access training.

An advantage and comfort of being able to progress at your own pace.

Modules ranging from 20 to 180 euros depending on the type of training.

I recently received a message from a young woman wishing to train as a nail technician.

She told me about her difficulties in accessing face-to-face training on a limited budget.

This young woman asks me for information on my basic beginner training modules, so I tell her the prices.

180 euros for a module on 4 Lives of 3 hours each total 12 hours

90 euros for a module of 2 Lives of 3 hours each total 6 hours

Very complete modules with real monitoring of my students.

It was to my great surprise that she found my prices too high 😰.

Indeed, if you are not ready to invest 90 euros (yes it is an investment), let's not talk about 1000 euros.

So I asked myself the question, at what cost are you willing to train?

Some people find face-to-face training too expensive, but also online training.

Basic face-to-face training costs between 500 and 1000 euros depending on the number of days completed, compared to 90 to 180 euros online (at my place)

So yes, I know what you are going to tell me😏.

We see a lot more in person than online.

🤔 I would say that “ no ” we can follow exactly the same program as in person.

For what?

Online or live training has a very different organization from face-to-face training, precisely in terms of time (3 hours live versus 1 day of 7 hours for face-to-face training).

Finally we follow exactly the same diagram in summary but which can then be seen and reviewed by the students to be able to be assimilated correctly.

The program is therefore the same but going a little faster in the course of the training, but which remains unlimitedly accessible to the student, who will have all the time necessary to train at their own pace.


Online training is an excellent compromise for those who wish to train in less time but above all at their own pace, while maintaining a high quality of teaching.

These online training courses require good organization and management to allow you to see the entire program, but also the sharing of know-how which I think justifies these prices.

Leaves you the comfort of following it at your own pace and at the times you want.

And remains accessible to all budgets.

So here is !!! It was important to me to write an article on this subject and I hope I was able to enlighten you a little.

Do not hesitate to leave your comments, I will be happy to read you too.

See you soon girls ☺️❤️

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Bonjour, je feuilleté les pages de votre site et je suis tombée sur cette article que j’approuve totalement. Il est sur que le présentiel et aussi bien que les formations en ligne et que la vie n’est simple en ce moment pour tout le monde. Mais avec cette opportunité que vous nous offrez en nous proposant des formations en ligne tout en ayant le titre de prothésiste n’est que bénéfique à nous les débutant. De plus, je constate que les prix sont accessible pour les personnes n’ayant pas le buget pour exercer en présentiel ces modules et de se former où de s’améliorer par la suite.
Et merci à vous aussi de penser aux personnes qui ne peuvent pas se déplacer de proposer ces différents modules de perfectionnement.
J’ai hate de commencer vos formations et vous dit à très bientôt :).


Bonjour en lisant votre article je me retrouve parfaitement dans vos écrit .j ai toujours voulu me lancer dans se domaine mais voilà mon budget me le permettait pas mm aujourd’hui dépensé 700 a 100 euros dans une formation se n est pas possible quand on a trois enfants et de plus les formations en présentiel me ne permetpas non plusVue les horaires .
Et aujourd’hui je tombe sur votre page sur Facebook et je vois avec surprise que vous proposez des formations en ligne et par module c est exactement se qu il me fallait pour me lancer dans un budget qui me convient parfaitement ..merci beaucoup pour ce que vous faites .a très s vite pour commencer ma.formation .


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